1. For me, success is measured by how much I've truly loved
and been loved.
2. One day I will get an awesome tattoo
somewhere no one can see it.
3. I prefer beer (good beer) to wine.
4. Dancing makes me obscenely happy and while I danced for
12 years, I still manage to trip at least once a day.
5. Liza Minnelli once borrowed a pair of my socks.
6. My favorite book is Fountain Head by Ayn Rand.
7. I’m slightly obsessed with working out and healthy
eating yet I’m still a damn good cook!
8. My first crush was Jordan Knight (NKOTB).

20. Annie the musical makes me cry.
21. My nickname as a kid was Keka. The mean kids
called me Eureka.
22. I know every NYC fro-yo shop south of 14th street.
23. Whenever I have a tough decision to make I always
think, “What would my mom do?” Love that woman.
24. My kids are the best things that have ever happened to me.
25. I married the love of my life, yet I can never remember our anniversary.
9. I think giggling is weird. Either laugh or don’t laugh.
10. I can’t name a single song by
Justin Bieber.
11. Off camera, I’m a bit of an
12. As a child I never owned a Barbie…
my mom didn’t like them.
13. I’m obsessed with kabocha squash.
14. I’m a first generation Italiana and the
daughter of restaurateurs.
15. One of my favorite flicks is Goonies.
“It’s our time down here…”
16. I’m double jointed in my shoulder.
It’s really gross to see it in action.
17. I never liked The Brady Bunch. As the daughter
of immigrants, the Brady’s seemed to be from
another planet.
18. My first lead in high school was
Annie in Annie Get Your Gun.
19. I was once felt up by Paula Dean
live on-air.