Back-To-School Survival Tips

September 5, 2019

Back-To-School Survival Tips

School is back in full swing and most parents are struggling to juggle busy schedules. Our days are now filled with parent-teacher conferences, soccer games, PTO fundraiser meetings, and homework. Still, the family needs to be fed and the home needs to continue running smoothly!

Now that I’m a seven-year veteran to the whole “back-to-school” thing, there’s a lot less panicking and a lot more planning!


Here are a few back-to-school survival tips I’ve learned over the years:

  1. Set-up a school calendar that is visible to all. I find this to be especially useful when you have multiple caregivers. As a working mom,  I need my husband, my mom, and our part-time sitter to all be “in the know”. I use to be the sole keeper of my children’s ever-changing and very busy schedule. At night dates for doctor appointments, birthday parties,  after school activities would swim through my head. Not anymore. Everyone knows to turn to the trusted school calendar for answers.
  2. Establish new routines that promote age-appropriate independence. For example this year my sixth-grader (my eldest) makes her lunch, packs her backpack, and lays out her clothes the night before. She even sets her alarm and wakes 15 minutes before I do so that she can make herself breakfast. If you are brave enough to empower your kids, be sure to compliment their efforts despite the final outcome.
  3. Do not overwhelm your kids by overpacking their schedule. Kids need time to be kids. Playtime and rest are key to a successful school year.


Back-to-schedules are hectic. I feel like I’m always on the run….trying to catch my breath. Still, the kids need to be fed. Some days I manage to put pull off an amazing meal, but sometimes I need help. I’m often looking for easy to prepare lunch and dinners that will satisfy my family’s appetite and eliminate my “mom-guilt”.

I recently started serving them the NEW Single Serve Meals from Omaha Steaks. They are delicious and convenient meals that I can whip up in just a few minutes. Each meal is packed with high-quality protein like premium beef, chicken and seafood. A few of my family favorites are the Asian Style Beef and Broccoli, Lemon Herb Chicken and Potatoes and the Bourbon Glazed Brisket.

Omaha Steaks Beef and Broccoli Single Serve Meal

As you pop them in the microwave, the self steaming plate locks in the freshness. Then in under 5 minutes, you get a perfectly plated meal that is full of flavor. As a mom, I like knowing that Omaha Steaks ingredients are curated for quality and flavor.

You can order a single serving meal ($9.99 each) online (omahasteaks.com) or by phone to be delivered to your door or you can pick them up at your nearest Omaha Steaks retailer.


The key to keeping up with a crazy back-to-school schedule is making sure things are running properly. It is critical that our dishwasher, washing machine, and coffee maker (mom’s best friend) are running efficiently. During this time of year, we are using these appliances several times a day.

Now that the kids are back in school most of our laundry consists of dirty, smelly sports and gym clothes. When these items continue to hold on to their funk even after being washed, I know it’s time to clean the machine! Most appliances, both kitchen, and laundry should be cleaned once a month.

That’s were Affresh comes to the rescue. Affresh specialized cleaners give your appliances the specific clean they deserve. It’s easy to use and super effective at keeping your laundry and kitchen appliances performing at their best. As a matter of fact, the entire line of Affresh products has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Afresh is a must-have cleaning item not only for busy parents who want to keep their house in check but also great for new college kids learning to take care of their first kitchen.

I hope these tips help you not only stay sane but also allow for more quality time with the family.