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All Sunscreens Are Not Created Equal

July 10, 2013

All Sunscreens Are Not Created Equal

Every summer morning as I slather my children with sun block they wince and moan, “That feels yucky mommy. My eyes burn.” Still I persist for the good of their skin. They will thank me 30 years from now. My mom, who is an amazing Nonna (grandma in Italian), to this day thinks a tan on a child is ADORABLE.  She likes them plump and bronze. It was a different time. Now we know better. Or do we? I often wonder if the chemicals in certain sunscreens and the aerosol cans used to dispense them are worse than the sun’s ultraviolet rays?

After doing a bit of research, which included polling all my mommy friends and reading several semi-useful articles, I learned about the controversial ingredient oxybenzone. I still felt like I needed more info. How about the chemicals used in aerosol cans? What is the best SPF for my little ones? Could someone just break it down for me?

Then as luck would have it I shared a shuttle bus from the Sheraton in Frazer, PA to QVC headquarters in West Chester, PA with a woman who had all the answers. Holly E. Thaggard is the badass mom from Texas who started Supergoop! In her words, it’s not what your sunscreen has, but what it doesn’t have that makes the difference.

Supergoop! is paraben, fragrance and oxbenzone free. Plus it has 35% less alcohol, is super moisturizing and fast absorbing so your littles won’t look like little kabuki dancers (I have nothing against Kabuki artists and do respect it as an artform)


I asked her to explain what I should look for in a sunscreen and Holly personally sent me this awesome diagram that illustrates exactly what to avoid when choosing a sunscreen for you and your little ones.


Hope this helps!!

FYI: I have not been paid by Supergoop! I just really think the entire line rocks.