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Happy Anniversary Love

July 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary Love

On July 28, 2006 I read the following vows to my husband. Seven years later and I still mean every word. Happy anniversary Love.


Randy, we’ve known each other for nearly 7 years and in those seven years you’ve been there for me through some tough times.

When I was on the verge of public embarrassment…when people questioned my character you simply said, “Let them see the Ereka I know.” With those words I knew I could show them. When I lost everything I owned, it was you and only you that could put a smile on my face.

I’ve found a best friend. Someone who constantly challenges me, is always encouraging and always supportive of my choices…no matter what crazy situation I’ve gotten myself into. I’ve found a friend who makes me feel so loved and who always makes me laugh.

It is your fearless confidence, your energy, your enthusiasm, your desire to constantly learn and experience the world that makes me love you more everyday.  I love you for all of this. I love you for the man you are now and the father I know you will be.

I promise to be a supportive wife through good times and in bad, to encourage you to grow and challenge yourself while reminding you how special you are just the way you are. With me, you will never need to be more than exactly who you are today.

I understand that marriage is a commitment, that we will grow and change both as individuals and as a couple and that there may be hard times, but I also know that my life is and always will be better with you in it. Together we will find the strength to face any  challenge that comes our way.

In front of our family and friends I promise you that I will be a loving and faithful wife. I promise to appreciate every moment of the life we will share together….it will be our adventure.