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Winter Skin Prep 101- Winter Skin Doesn’t Have to Suck

November 7, 2018

Winter Skin Prep 101- Winter Skin Doesn’t Have to Suck

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Baby it’s cold out side. Bad…bad things happen when temps dip to below 35F. We are uncomfortable, irritable and our skin starts to looks like Sh#@t!

Underneath the layers of dry flaky skin is your healthy spring skin waiting for it’s opportunity to shine. Let it shine baby! Winter skin does not have to suck. Transformation is simple just follow the basic steps to healthy looking skin; 1.Exfoliate, 2. Cleanse, 3. Moisturize and 4. Illuminate

1.EXFOLIATE– Winter weather sucks the moisture from your skin leaving behind dry, flaky skin. When dry, flaky skin builds on the surface it not only cakes under your makeup but also traps dirt and bacteria underneath. Trapped dirt and bacteria—>Blemishes.

Luckily it’s the 21 century and we have some fantastic tools to buff that stuff right off!

If you are like my hubby and I, you are absolutely in love with your Clarisonic and can’t imagine life without this super sonic dead skin destroyer. Clarisonic is 6x more effective in removing dirt and pollution than using hands alone. I use it daily. I don’t feel like I’ve truly cleaned my face unless I do.

Another option is Foreo

The technlogy: T-Sonic technology means you are getting 8,000 pulses per minute vs Clarisonic’s sonic technology which produces over 300 movements per second 

The benefits: 1. It’s silicone brush is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup, making it up to 35x more hygienic than standard sonic-cleansing brushes, 2. Foreo lasts up to 300 uses per full charge (you can go months without charging) and requires no replacement brushes and 3. it’s super cute and portable!

I’m loving it, but my hubby still won’t let go of his first crush, Clari will forever be his shower toy 😉 My advice is to choose one and use it regularly.

2. CLEANSE-Here are my top 3 cleansers. These perfectly balanced cleansers will remove makeup, dirt and pollution without stripping your skin of it’s essential oils. My top choice is Purity. Never go to bed without washing your face with warm water and a good cleanser.


1. Philosophy’s Purity

2. Fresh’s Soy Cleanser

3. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser




3.HYDRATE ACCORDINGLY -Get to know your skin and hydrate accordingly. When someone asks you, “Do you have dry, oily or combo skin?” Do you say, “huh?”.  You’ve got to figure out which facial areas tend to be more dry and which tend to be more oily. Use different moisturizers to address those areas. In the winter the dry areas will be more dry (duh) and will need more intense moisture. I use a combo of Dermalogica’s Active Moist (all over) and Demalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance on my more dry skin.

NIGHTIME ROUTINE: As a self proclaimed greasy Italian, I’ve avoided oil based skincare products all my life, but now at the age of 42 the natural olive oil glow has left my mediterranean skin. In an effort to replace that wrinkle protecting moisture I tried several products, but was frustrated with the lack of absorption and the overall greasy side effect. Then I found Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Facial Oil. I am OBSESSED. Use just a few drops of the oil at night and wake with perfectly hydrated, healthy, glowing skin. Unlike other oils, the Virgin Marula Oil hasn’t caused any breakouts. Feel free to apply again in the morning, but be warned that it doesn’t wear well under makeup

DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR LIPS!! My latest obsession is Lanolips 101 Ointment. As soon as the weather turns chilly, my lips turn dry and flaky.  Personally I think chapped lips are the most uncomfortable thing to deal with. For years I settled for balms that gave me only temporary relief….then I found Lano Lips. All Lano Lips products contain ultra pure medical grade Lanolin.  Lanolin is found on the wool of sheep and helps keep their coat protected and dry throughout the year.

Lanolin not only traps in existing moisture, but because it so closely mimics the molecular structure of our own lipids it easy penetrates the skin and creates a moistures reservoir.  Oh and did I mention that Lanolips 101 Ointment  is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, paraben free and animal cruelty free!

I use it on my lips, cuticles, around my nose (after a cold), elbows, heels and even add it to my nightly moisturizer to kick it up a notch.

DRINK H20! We tend to drink more alcohol and less water during the holiday months which wreaks havoc on our skin. If your cold blooded like me and have a hard time drinking cold water, try a decaf tea or room temperature sparkling water with cucumbers or lemon.

4. Illuminate– Strategically applying an illuminator will instantaneously brighten your skin and give you that “JLO glow”. I add illuminator to the center of my forehead, around the corners of my eye, down my nose and on the center of my chin to get a warm healthy glow.  This image from ELLE magazine illustrates where to apply an illuminator.

A few of my favorite illuminators are:

  • NARS Illuminator– This is a liquid illuminator. I love the creamy consistency which blends easily. I apply it after I have put on my  makeup. If you apply it beforehand, let it dry for a few seconds before applying powders (blush, setting powders) or else they will stick to the cream.
  • Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder –Made with ultra fine micro pearl particles to give off a naturally luminescent highlight. Can be used dry or wet.

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