Cook Smarter

September 28, 2020

Cook Smarter

As a kid growing up we did not own a microwave. My mom, an Italian immigrant, didn’t find it necessary. She also never EVER used our dishwasher. Dishwashers were not to be trusted. Microwaves were for the lazy and she was definitely not lazy. My super mom made everything from scratch. Sauce, soup, and pasta all from scratch. Canned goods and TV dinners were for sinners.

So of course the minute I moved out, I bought my own microwave, and IMMEDIATELY started using the dishwasher. How had I lived so long without a dishwasher? The microwave on the other hand did not live up to my expectations. Sure it came in handy when reheating soups, leftover takeout, and the occasional cup of coffee, but I hated the way it turned my pizza or pasta into mush and it’s a travesty to witness how the traditional microwave turns my crispy oven-baked eggplant parm or chicken cutlets into a soggy mess. No thank you.

Much like my mother, I am committed to feeding my kids healthy, homemade food. However, I believe that quality kitchen tools and appliances can help us cook smarter and faster in the kitchen while still delivering the same quality of food my kids have come to expect from their “personal chef”.

I was pretty excited to hear about Panasonic Microwave and FlashXpress Broiler. This microwave has a wire rack and a built-in broiler that acts much like a grill. The Grill function can cook and brown proteins like chicken, beef, and shrimp. When used to reheat baked or fried chicken cutlets they remain nice and crispy. It also has a Combination function (microwave + broiling) that heats all the way through and broils so that your nachos, baked ziti, or your mac and cheese have that crunchy top.

I recently worked with Panasonic and SideChef Premium to learn some pretty impressive recipes, made entirely from scratch in the Panasonic Microwave FlashXpress Broiler. I’m talking grilled teriyaki steak, frittatas, and cauliflower steaks all made in the microwave in just a few minutes.

These beautiful dishes were developed by the lovely Belqui a mom of two, food blogger (belquistwist.com), and digital marketing executive. To grab these recipes sign up for SideChef Premium at panasonic.sidechef.com. If you already have a Panasonic kitchen appliance, you can register your product now at shop.panasonic.com/registersm and get a code to redeem a 1-year SideChef premium program trial. 

For those who don’t know, the SideChef app is an incredibly user-friendly app with over 16,000 recipes. It gives you step-by-step cooking guidance with photos, instructional videos, voice command, in-app timers, and smart appliance control. You can even get all your ingredients delivered to your doorstep.

Together they save me time a ton of time in the kitchen. I’m still cooking from scratch, just cooking faster with less cleanup. Even my mom approves of the Panasonic Microwave and FlashXpress Broiler. She’s seen how quickly and easily I made these shrimp taco rice bowls using both the Grill and Microwave functions.

Th get your own Panasonic Microwave and FlashXpress Broiler click here and be sure to check out all of the great recipes you can make at SideChef Premium.