How To Take Back The Summer Season

July 12, 2021

How To Take Back The Summer Season

This year so many of us are looking for ways to make up for lost time. I mean, did last summer even count?!? I’ve partnered with a few brands to offer tips on how you can add some fun and a few smiles to any summer activity.

The Great Outdoors!

According to a recent summertime survey, most parents want to spend more time outside with their families. Unfortunately, this is the second summer in a row where we have to be thoughtful when planning family getaways.

If you are choosing to stay local be sure to plan lots of outdoor adventures! We love our family bike rides, hikes, and beach days. Before heading out with the kids I pack up a picnic with all of their favorites including one of their new favorite treats, Fruit-tella Gummies.

Fruit-tell is a tasty candy brand crafted in Italy that recently launched in the U.S. Fruit-tella Soft Gummies are made with fruit puree as the first ingredient. They’re absolutely delicious and my kids always ask for them.

They come in two flavors—Strawberry & Raspberry and Peach & Mango. They’re so flavorful and each one has a fun and playful fruit character shape that makes for the perfect summertime treat. You can find them at CVS stores nationwide.

Celebrate Small Moments!

So many family memories are made during these warmer months. So when you are choosing to stay close to home, make it fun and festive. I recommend simple things like game nights, movie nights, and backyard barbeques. Those memories last forever.

Lately, we’ve been streaming a lot of TV shows and movies at home.  My husband bought a projector and screen to host outdoor movie nights with friends. We keep it festive by serving America’s favorite snack popcorn.  Microwave popcorn just got a major upgrade with the newest innovation from Opopop. The secret is that each kernel is individually wrapped in exceptional flavors and a perfect mix of ingredients, prior to popping.

Opopop comes in six flavors, including reimagined classics like Fancy Butter, and uniquely created experiences with Maui Heat, Vanilla Cake Pop, Salted Umami, Cinnalicious, and Chedapeno. The kits come with this yellow reusable microwave popcorn popper. Everything is available at Opopop.com

National Ice Cream Month!

July is National Ice Cream Month and nothing screams summer more than ice cream cake! The pre-made ice cream cakes from I Love Ice Cream Cakes are the best! It doesn’t feel like summer without them.  Some of our favorites are the Carvel Confetti Cake and the NEW Carvel Cookie Dough Cake 

I keep one of each in the freezer so I can surprise the family with one after coming back from a long hot summer day full of camp activities or when their friends are over for a playdate. It’s a great way to chill out and always puts a smile on their face. You can find them in the bakery or freezer section at your local grocery store or online.  ILoveIceCreamCakes.com has a helpful product locator to find one near you.

Road Trip Tip

So many of us will be road-tripping throughout the summer months and that means our kids can catch up on summer schooling, watch videos, or play games while heading to a destination.

As a consumer and parent, I’m concerned about protecting their tech gadgets from cracked screens and other mishaps that happen on the go. OtterBox for Kids combines trusted protection from OtterBox with products designed with kids in mind.

These easy-to-use cases come in three different colors and offer an EasyGrab case stand to help little hands carry tablets or easily hang one between headrests on long road trips. You can also check out OtterBox Kids Easy Grab Mobile Charging & Audio Cable Bundle. These products are available at Verizon and Verizon.com.

Hope these help! Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!