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Our First Home

August 12, 2013

Our First Home

Our First Home

332, Apt 2 we have so outgrown you. The accessories of a full life well lived fill each corner of this small home.

If the walls could talk they’d tell stories of sleepless nights. Temper tantrums from young and old. Of anxious parents trying so hard not to fail. Of a husband and wife discovering day by day the demands of their new title. Mom. Dad. Learning slowly how to become one team. Parents.

 I can hear the laughter in each object I pack into these cardboard boxes. I tightly seal the simple pleasures that I will take to our new home.

 If only we could take our friends with us. Likeminded parents, friends, inadvertent teachers who I’ll miss terribly. I have learned something from each of you.

To my Hoboken moms who held my hand as I fumbled my way through those first few parenting years when I was half asleep, confused and vulnerable…I will miss you most. There were tears. There was wine. There were lots of laughs over lots of wine. Thank you for listening and never judging.

 332, Apt 2… who knew we could fill such a small space with so many big memories and so much love. Goodbye Hoboken. I know I will look back at this place and think,”Those were some of the best years of my life.”