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What’s So Fabulous About Forty?
I’ll Tell Ya.

January 2, 2018

What’s So Fabulous About Forty? <br>I’ll Tell Ya.

Goodbye thirties. You were memorable…tiring but memorable. A fairytale wedding was followed by nearly a decade of learning to function in a hazy state of sleep-deprived consciousness.  I remember a steady blur of diaper changing, breastfeeding, doctor visits, 2 am, 3 am and 4 am wake-ups, first steps and stumbles, extreme highs, and some pretty low lows.


There was no “ME-time” in my 30’s. There was no time for selfishness. There was barely any time for a shower. I proudly spent those years making sure I kept the two most important people in my life alive, healthy, and happy. Today when I hear their laughter and feel their tiny hugs and kisses I know it was worth it. I did alright.


But now I’m forty, Bitch! (channeling my inner Britney #VMA2016 comeback) I feel sooooo close to not caring what anyone thinks of me (total #IDontGiveAShit mindset must happen in your 50’s). The diaper bag is a thing of the distant past. I have my boobs back (with a little help) and so far I’m not completely falling apart. Knees, check! Back, check check! Hips….well you can’t have it all.


I have more balance in my life than I’ve ever had before. All of my personas (mother, wife, TV host, daughter, sister, friend) are working together. No one is fighting for first place. Not sure how long this will last, but I plan on appreciating it while it’s here.


Now that ALL the birthday candles have been blown out, I reflect on what I’ve learned.


In my forties, I promise to:


-Remember to listen to that spontaneous 20 something-year-old girl that still lives in you. When she tells you she feels like dancing on the bar… say heck yeah!


-Remember that being a badass (or striving to be one) is not something to apologize for. In fact, apologizing is over-rated.


-Remember that having a happy home is the only remedy for a shitty workday. Home is where this heart is.


-Remember that perfect is fiction and pretending to be perfect is tiring.


-Remember…you have what you have because you had the courage to go after what you wanted. Keep moving forward. You’re never too old. It’s never too late.


-Remember that over-planning is overrated. Bring on the travel. Bring on the adventures.


-Remember to surround yourself with strong, confident, and fun women… they will lift you up when you start to slip. We all slip. Life is slippery.


-Remember to only take advice from those you trust and admire. When they pass judgment, take it seriously.


-Remember that no matter how busy life gets, you must make time for those you care about and be prepared to say goodbye to those who don’t make time for you.  


Then there were the few constants in my 20’s and 30’s that got me through the tough times….love big, embrace change, seek adventure. I’m going to keep rolling with these 🙂


Cheers to the next 10!